Taking the Gospel to Belgium, Congo, and Israel!

Belgium, Congo, and Israel
The Church of God Pacific Northwest is excited and ready for the opportunity to begin a new missions initiative called “Mission Possible: Pacific Northwest.” As a four-tiered, $200,000 approach aimed at education, church planting, care and more, we as the Church of God Pacific Northwest will raise the funds to provide for countless youth and adults across Belgium, Congo, and Israel.

Next Generation Belgium: Educational Advancement

The first two tiers of our project are entitled “”Next Generation: Belgium,” focusing on two specific areas: educational advancement and church planting. For education, our goal is to raise $50,000 to provide grants for teachers and scholarships for 20 students through Brussels Bible College.

Next Generation Belgium: Ministerial Development

For church planting, a $50,000 goal we will equip a ministerial development and church planting center by purchasing computers, training materials, and assist in doubling the already planted 30 churches into 60 total church plants.

Compassion Congo project 102-9381-003

Our project in Belgium shares a deep connection with our next tier, “Compassion: Congo.” Pastor Martin Mutyebele,a Congo native who pastors the New Jerusalem Church of God in Brussels, Belgium, had a vision to build a hospital in the Congo. The La Misericorde Hospital will provide maternity care, pediatrics, internal medicine, and surgery. In addition to medical needs, Pastor Mutyebele hopes to continue planting churches across Europe. To support La Misericorde Hospital and continue planting churches throughout Europe, $50,0000 will make a tremendous impact.

Ministry To Israel project 102-9381-004

Working with Jack Utterback and Ministry to Israel, the Church of God Pacific Northwest will work to help return the Jewish people to their homeland. As the final tier of our project, a goal of $50,000 will provide financial assistance to supply transportation, food, and assist with medical needs. There are even opportunities to sponsor young soldiers in the Israeli Defense force who have no family in Israel. God promised to restore Israel, and we intend to be a part of f the restoration process!

To complete the “Mission Possible: Pacific Northwest” project will take many churches in our region to unite together as one. With your help, we can raise $200,0000 to fund these four ministries. Will you and your church partner with other Pacific Northwest churches to give to what God has called us to do? As Scripture says, “with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”