World Missions

‘We believe God’s purpose for our church is global- that is why we support missions to nations around the world.’

We believe according to Matthew 25:31-46 that we as Christians, and as a church, are called to the ‘least of these.’ Scripture specifically outlines doing for those in need such as feeding the hungry, visiting and loving those in prison, as well as providing shelter for those without homes and clothing for those who have none.
Our Missions & Outreach ministry is divided into three areas; local, national, and international.

Our Goal

GracePoint’s goal for World Missions is to spread the good news of Jesus to every people group on earth in our generation! As we support missionaries around the world to fulfill that calling, you can help by giving with your financial gifts. Please consider helping us bring the gospel of Christ to children and families in other countries who desperately need to hear the word of God.

How You Can Get Involved

As a church, we financially support World Missions and global outreach but we can’t do it alone. Gracepoint supports missions in Honduras, Mexico, Nigeria, Europe and the Philippines, just to name a few. In Northern Iraq, we’re building homes for families, widows and orphans, which cost $3,800 per home. Yes, that’s an entire HOME.
Not everyone can give a one-time gift of $3,800 or even $1,000, but are you willing to give $365? That’s $1 a day to change someone’s life. Partner with us in our efforts to GIVE HOPE by showing the heart of Christ to a community, to a nation, and to the world.
And remember, “what you do unto the ‘least of these’ – you’ve done unto Him!”
You can support this ministry alongside Gracepoint Church by making a pledge.
What is a Pledge
A pledge is a commitment to give your financial support over time. By pledging, you are saying, “over ‘X’ amount of time I will commit to give ‘X’ to GIVE HOPE.
We encourage you to find an old shoe box, an oatmeal can, an envelope, etc., and write “GIVE HOPE” on it and make that your pledge box. At the end of the year, bring your pledge to church or deposit the money you have saved into your bank. Or, you can fulfill your pledge with an online payment below.

Paying online is a great way to give now! You don’t have to wait until later for a time when you can afford it. That is not how reaping and sowing works. If we wait until a “right time” to give, chances are we won’t ever find one.
Malachi 3:10 tells us:
10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

“This applies to your offerings as well! There is only one place in the Bible where God ‘dares us’ to give out of a cheerful heart to see what he can do with your money.”

What can you give today?
Can you give a one time gift of $5000?
Can you give a one time gift of $3000?
Can you give a one time gift of $1000?
Or, can you pledge $365 ($1 a day)

Grab a shoe box today, or give online with our SAFE and EASY payment option here:

Thank you for helping us get the word of God into the ears and hands of people around the globe. May God richly bless you,
Gracepoint Church Pasco