World Missions

We believe God’s purpose for our church is global.
That is why we support missions to nations around the world.

We believe according to Matthew 25:31-46 that we as Christians and as a church are called to “The Least of These.” Scripture specifically outlines “doing” for those in need: feeding the hungry, visiting and loving those in prison, as well as providing shelter for those without homes and clothing for those who have none.

Our Missions & Outreach ministry is divided into three areas; local, national, and international. 

How You Can Get Involved

As a church, we financially support ministries and outreaches but we can’t do it alone.

Not everyone can give a one-time gift of $3,800 or even $1,000. Are you willing to give $365? That’s $1 a day to change someone’s life. Partner with us in our efforts to GIVE HOPE to our community, our nation and our world. And remember what you do unto the least of these – you’ve done unto Him!

    Give a one time gift of $5000
    Give a one time gift of $3000
    Give a one time gift of $1000
    Pledge $365 ($1 a day)
    Give Other
    Pledge Other 

What is a Pledge

A pledge is a commitment. By pledging you are saying, “Over X amount of time I will commit to give X” to GIVE HOPE. We encourage you to find an old shoe box, an oatmeal can, an envelope, etc. – write “GIVE HOPE” on it and make it your pledge box.

At the end of the year bring your pledge to church or deposit the money you have saved into your bank and you can fulfill your pledge with a payment online. 

Our Goal

GracePoint’s goal is to help you discover and fulfill your unique role in spreading the good news of Jesus through every people group on earth in our generation!

YOU were born again into a global family. Nations are a part of your spiritual heritage! Crossing cultures and bridging barriers with God’s love is in your divine DNA.

Good news!! You don’t have to wait until…

    You have the money
    You’re out of school
    Your kids are grown
    You have enough vacation time saved up to make a trip overseas
    You’re more “ready” spiritually
    You’re retired and have more free time
    You have more training
    You have three dreams and a vision

Step into your identity in Christ and start to impact nations now!!

Our vision for mission is to demonstrate Jesus while:

    Planting 10,000 churches internationally
    Sharing the Good News among people groups abroad who have a Christian population of less than 1%
    Conducting evangelistic and leadership training events overseas where the Church is already established
    Welcoming New Americans – refugees and immigrants – whom God has transplanted to the Tri-cities
    Caring for widows, orphans and those devastated by catastrophic disasters

Learn about the Christian missionaries we support.