Lifegroups Have Begun!

Eat – Talk – Pray – Grow Together!

What is a LifeGroup?

LifeGroup is a group of about eight to ten people who meet every week or two to share life with each other and to build a more vital relationship with God. These folks may be in very different stages in their relationship with God, but they all long to know Him better. A LifeGroup is a safe place for you to learn more about God and how He is at work in your life, share food and have fun, comfort friends, pray and study God’s Word, understand your relationship with Jesus, challenge and refine your beliefs by asking questions, share your troubles and your joys with people who really care about you and look beyond yourself to serve others.

Why are LifeGroups important?

LifeGroups are where people do life together. Weekend services focus on worshipping God and hearing His message. But, those services are large, whereas, LifeGroups are small and personal. LifeGroups create spiritual families; where each member will build a deeper relationship with others in the group and also with God. We at GracePoint believe that it is in the intentional relationships of a LifeGroup where significant life change takes place best. LifeGroups are the safe places where real life and real issues are discussed. This is the environment to celebrate the successes and good times of life and comfort one another in the tough and disappointing times. LifeGroups are also a great place for you to be encouraged, equipped and challenged to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ and serve His purposes.

Why would someone want to join a LifeGroup?

We want everyone at GracePoint to join a LifeGroup so they can connect with other people and with God in a family environment. Being in a LifeGroup means you are never alone. Life together is more than a catch phrase, it’s a commitment. More than worship services on the weekend, a LifeGroup is the best way for someone to learn about how God is at work in their life, to pray with others, to find God’s purpose for them and to share in all of life’s ups and downs.

Do I have to commit to anything to be in a LifeGroup?

Yes. To fully benefit from the learning, the authenticity, the fellowship, the comfort and the love that happens in a LifeGroup, yes, you have to voluntarily commit to the LifeGroup. We want everyone in your LifeGroup to attend the groups, the meetings, and show up on time, be respectful of others time to talk and not to share what goes on in your LifeGroup with anyone outside your group. Also, comfort one another in times of stress or grief. Therefore, each member should be ready to participate in LifeGroup discussions.

Where will LifeGroups meet?

LifeGroups will meet at GracePoint Church and at various homes. Time and places are listed on the sign up sheets. We offer LifeGroups at different times and days of the week to accommodate almost every schedule. Please check it out and sign up!

Go to the Connection Corner for more information or contact Jim & Tina Beverly at 509-547-7685 or email us at Gracepoint.