Of the more than 7 billion people on planet earth, nearly 4.7 billion do not know Jesus Christ. The mandate, not the suggestion, is to take the gospel into all the world. The Church of God Pacific Northwest is targeting Belgium, Congo, and the homeland of Israel with a goal of raising $200,000.

Our challenge is for the Church of God Pacific Northwest to to respond by raising $50,000 for each of four projects: educational advancement, church resourcing, medical care and church planting. With focus, determination and unity, our region can raise this and so much more!

While this may seem like a mission impossible, it is actually MISSION POSSIBLE! The one who gave our mandate has also given the equipping when He said, "Ye shall receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you AND ye shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the world, and signs shall follow them that believe in His name!: (Acts 1:8 paraphrased).

Let's work together to make our goal a MISSION POSSIBLE! Click for more info.